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17 octubre, 2019

CSCF Audit

Our CSCF Audit Service (Customer Security Controls Framework – SWIFT) will allow you to comply with this new SWIFT requirement, which contrasts and validates the execution of the implementation of the CSP controls with the information recorded in the attestation process. As an external and independent entity, Alliance Enterprise verifies […]
20 agosto, 2019


GPI SOLUTION Alliance Enterprise With our new GPI solution, comply, rconciliate, obtain visibility and operability from our graphic interface. Contact us and let us guide you for the implementation of our solution.
23 agosto, 2018

Certificate SIP Release 2018

Service Bureau Alliance Enterprise SWIFT has certified that the Alliance Enterprise Service Bureau meets all the requirements of its Shared Infrastructure Program for the delivery of SWIFT services. This certification confirms our commitment with our customers and the community to always offer the highest standards and the best service. Remember, […]
22 agosto, 2017

Asesoría CSP

Nuevo Servicio  Alliance Enterprise Alliance Enterprise lanza al mercado su nuevo servicio de Asesoría CSP, para facilitar a su institución la correcta implementación y a tiempo, del Customer Security Programme –  CSP de SWIFT cuya fecha máxima de implementación será el 31 de diciembre de 2017. Para enterarse de cómo […]
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