CSP Assessment

Fulfill the CSP requirements smoothly and with the best solutions

Thanks to the experience of Alliance Enterprise, comply with your entity's CSP efficiently and with significant savings of time and resources.

CSP Assessment

Due to the recent cyberattacks that have been taking place worldwide, violating the security schemes of the companies, SWIFT has been constantly working on increasing the security levels in the network. The above approached from 5 strategic initiatives, which seek to improve information security schemes for the entire community and safeguard the security of the global banking system. These are:

  • Improve the exchange of information.
  • Improve tools related to SWIFT.
  • Improve guidelines and provide audit frameworks.
  • Support in the detection of patterns for transactions.
  • Increase the support of third parties and suppliers.

Based on the above, SWIFT developed the Customer Security Program - CSP, which gives its clients a guide on the risks that may arise in the infrastructure of the services that each one possesses and the applicable controls for mitigating them. Likewise, this program requires that SWIFT customers attest to compliance with the program controls, divided into 19 mandatory and 11 optional controls, and that are applicable depending on the type of service infrastructure that is implemented.

Our CSP Consultancy allows you to have the experience obtained through the multiple certifications of our Service Bureau and the accompaniment to multiple clients in the implementation of the Customer Security Program. SWIFT SIP (Shared Infrastructure Program) certifications consist of more than 60 controls, including the 29 that must be met by all members of the network.

Thanks to our Advice, your entity will be able to implement the controls required by the program, both mandatory and optional, in a shorter time and with the fair allocation of resources, thus obtaining significant savings in compliance with it. Likewise, you can count on our expert recommendations regarding solutions that can best serve you for the assurance of your SWIFT infrastructure, in order to be always well qualified for the relationship with counterparts.

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